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The Making of Antivenom – A CSL Seqirus Story

CSL Seqirus has an agreement with the Australian Government to provide Antivenoms for the Australian population. Discover how we manufacture these essential medicines and collaborate with a range of partners including the Australian Government, venom suppliers, toxicologists, toxinologists and emergency physicians to protect Australians when they need it most.

To learn more about venomous creatures and the correct first aid to apply in case of a venomous bite or sting, please download the free Australian Bites & Stings App that we’ve worked with experts to develop for the general public. For further information on venomous bites and stings please speak to your doctor.

More information is available about Antivenoms and the other products produced in partnership with the Australian Government here

ANZ-AVAT-21-0011. SEPTEMBER 2022.