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We provide the scientific and technical capability to ensure CSL Seqirus products are among the best defences against influenza in the world

CSL Seqirus draws on the experience of our parent company CSL, which has been developing influenza vaccines for over 100 years, as well as antivenoms and other vaccines. Our quadrivalent and MF59®-adjuvanted influenza vaccines reach more and more patients every year.

In 2017, CSL Seqirus released an advanced cell-based influenza vaccine in the USA and achieved FDA approval for the next generation production process for cell-based technology. Each and every flu season, we use our deep technical expertise to ensure our technology platforms, are performing at their best.

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Optimising vaccine viruses

We evaluate and optimise candidate vaccine viruses from the WHO to speed up production and improve vaccine match. It is a constant process, as we manufacture a new formulation of influenza vaccine every six months. 

Technical development employee

Improvement of manufacturing technology

The flu virus changes all the time. We aim to stay ahead. Our scientists continuously improve and enhance the manufacturing and testing of our existing products, whilst pioneering the development of new products.

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CSL Seqirus Liverpool Employee

Influenza pandemics: not if, but when

We support health agencies and governments around the world by standing ready to respond to the next influenza pandemic.

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Technical Development at CSL Seqirus is Global

Our technical development teams are located with our manufacturing operations on three different continents, united as one global organisation.


Our people are our products

Through fostering innovation, collaboration and talent, we know developing our people is key to developing our platforms and products.

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Cells - Needle into cell

Studying the potential of cell

Are you more like a bird than a mammal? We didn’t think so either. Our entirely cell based influenza vaccine may offer a closer match to circulating flu virus than egg-based influenza vaccines in some seasons .  More research is underway. 

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Boosting flu response

Older adults don’t respond as well to the standard influenza vaccine. Don’t worry! We developed an adjuvanted influenza vaccine, now a recommended choice for the people over 65 years of age in Australia.

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What’s next?

Our global development group is working to make influenza vaccines that are more effective for all ages and easier to manufacture and deliver to our customers.

MF59® is a trademark of Novartis AG.