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CSL Collection NoticeModern Slavery

Each year, the Board approves CSL’s Statement on the Prevention of Human Trafficking, Slavery and Forced Labour. The Statement details the steps the CSL Group is currently undertaking to address and prevent modern slavery. CSL published its first statement in 2016.

Tax Transparency

CSL Seqirus is guided in tax matters by a CSL board-approved tax philosophy which among other things, commits the company to publishing an annual Tax Transparency Report. Our first report was published in 2018. 

Australian Packaging Covenant

CSL Seqirus's Australian operations are also a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). As part of our commitment to the goals and principles of the APC, an action plan has been developed with actions that will integrate the principles sustainable packaging and product stewardship into packaging design process. Access to additional information can be found on the APC website -

Read the CSL Seqirus APCO 2021 Annual Report & Action Plan.

Transparency reporting

In Australia, CSL Seqirus (Australia) Pty Ltd complies with the Medicines Australia (MA) Code of Conduct and has undertaken to be open and transparent when we provide a reportable payment to healthcare professionals, third party organisations for sponsorship of educational meetings and symposia and health consumer organisations.

CSL Seqirus’s ethical and transparent commitment to support health care professional education and health consumer organisations means that patients can be even more confident that they are receiving the best of care.


Healthcare Professional Transfers of Value and Transparency Reports

CSL Seqirus supports healthcare professional education to advance and improve patient health in Australia. Increased transparency will reassure the Australian community that these payments are appropriate and that healthcare professionals will continue to put patients’ interests first.

Reportable payments to Healthcare Professionals are:

  • Payments for the provision of services such as giving a lecture, chairing an educational meeting, providing advice as a member of an Advisory Board or as a Consultant
  • Sponsorship to attend medical education (airfares, accommodation, conference registration fees)

HCPs should review the CSL Seqirus Collection Notice available here for further information on HCP transparency reporting. 

CSL Seqirus is publishing its Healthcare Professional Transfers of Value reports on this website in CSV and PDF formats in a manner consistent with Australia’s Privacy legislation. 


Third Party Meeting and Symposia Sponsorship

From 30 April 2020, CSL Seqirus is publishing its Third Party Meeting and Symposia Sponsorship Report on this website in PDF format. These sponsorships support independent healthcare professional educational activities that are organised by third parties to enhance healthcare professional’s knowledge and skills so that patients can be even more confident that they are receiving the best of care. Sponsored third party educational meetings and symposia include those organised by universities, hospitals and healthcare professional societies.

Reportable payments to Third Party organisations are:

  • Financial sponsorship of a third party educational event
  • Monetary contribution to support the conduct of grand rounds, clinic meetings or journal club meetings
  • Purchase space for providing a trade display at an educational event


Health Consumer Organisation Support

From 30 June 2020, CSL Seqirus is publishing its Health Consumer Organisation Support Report on this website in PDF format. CSL Seqirus supports not-for-profit Health Consumer Organisations to improve health outcomes for the Australian patient community. Our support follows the principles of ‘Working Together: A Guide to Relationships between Health Consumer Organisations and Pharmaceutical Companies’ which was developed together by MA and the Consumer Health Forum.

Reportable payments and non-financial support to Health Consumer Organisations are:

  • the name of the health consumer organisation
  • a description of the nature of the support that is sufficiently complete to enable the average reader to form an understanding of the nature of the support
  • the monetary value of financial support and of invoiced costs. For significant non-financial support that cannot be assigned a meaningful monetary value, the published information must describe clearly the non-monetary value that the organisation receives.


For further information about transparency reporting, please visit


Health care professional transparency reports