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Stefan Merlo

Vice President, Commercial Operations, North America

Stefan Merlo is the Vice President, Commercial Operations, North America at CSL Seqirus
Stefan Merlo

Stefan Merlo was named Vice President, Commercial Operations for North America, CSL Seqirus in July 2024.

Stefan began his career as a retail pharmacist, later moving into the biopharmaceutical industry where he has spent the past 20 years. Stefan joined CSL Seqirus upon CSL’s 2015 acquisition of Novartis Vaccines’ influenza business, where he played a key role in shaping the growth trajectory of the business as Executive Director, Sales and Account Management in the US.

Prior to his current role, Stefan spent three years as Vice President, Commercial Development at CSL Seqirus, overseeing the business unit’s long-term strategy. In his role, Stefan led a team that enhanced the commercial value of CSL Seqirus’ existing vaccines while optimizing its future portfolio through internal and external development.

Stefan received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Northeastern University.